Lily (loonylily) wrote,

I wish I could turn back time

We belong to Allah
and to Him we shall return

I would like to take the time out to dedicate this entry to the one person that means the world to me, my Mom and brother.
Papa, we miss you, and love you from the bottom of our hearts till the depths of our souls.

We have gained an Angel

He had a heart of gold, a treased soul,
a smile so genuine, unspoken words were told.
He was taken away as he was one of a kind,
a spirit so pure, that's rare to find.

How I cherish every second,
that I spent looking at him.
How I treasure every single moment,
that him and I went through.

Lord, how do I say goodbye,
when I refuse to believe,
that throughout all the years to come,
he will no longer be right here by me.

Who will cheer me up when things get rough?
Who will be there every night to share a laugh?
How do I go on without him by my side?
How can I live bearing all the hurting on the inside?

Oh how I regret every single day,
for not telling him how much I need him.
How I regret every single night,
for not telling him how much I care.

If we could have another chance,
to hear his precious laugh again.
We would have embed it in our hearts,
so that we would never have to part in vain.

I know he's up there looking down on us.
Daddy, we will make you proud, that you can trust.
Your memory lives in us for eternity,
for we shall meet again, when it's our time to flee.
- Lily 2006

In loving memory of R.Z.M.
Дал декъал войл, Дал геш дойл.
May Allah bless your soul.
انا لله و انا إليه راجعون

A compassionate son and brother one could ever ask for,
A devoted husband one was blessed to have.
And most importantly, the greatest Father that we were blessed to call our own.

Missing you, Daddy.
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